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Scheveningen: one big outdoor festival spot

BonFire Beach Fest is an initiative by LUSTR to celebrate the summer and to highlight The Hague as ‘City on the sea’. It is a yearly, two-day mega event that sets Scheveningen on fire. On Friday April 19 and Saturday April 20, the entire beach – from the Sportstrand to the Zwarte Pad – turns into one big free outdoor festival site. Visitors of all ages are entertained and surprised with a wide range of cultural, musical and culinary activities. 



LUSTR organises, produces and develops events and creates experiences that surprise and amaze. It focusses on the connective force between people and the world around them, because together we can create more and rise higher. The professional and dedicated LUSTR-team is ready to set the night on fire for the flaming second edition of BonFire Beach Fest!